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21-Day 'Restore Your Flow' Challenge


21-day 'restore your flow' challenge

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done - Thomas Jefferson

Why take this challenge?

If you suffer from tiredness, joint pain, bloating and digestive issues, skin problems and rashes, irregular or problematic menstrual cycles, late onset hay fever (didn't suffer with it as a child), carrying excess weight or lack focus then you are ready for this challenge. This challenge is about giving yourself 21-days, a mere 3 weeks to help 'restore your flow', the vital force that flows within you, that keeps you healthy and well.

It's about empowering you to become the 'CEO' of your own health. Educating and encouraging you to take charge of the choices you make, helping you to understand the impact of these on your overall health; from what is at the end of your fork, to your relationship with food and self!

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How it Works.

We help you to transform your health from the core (inside) out. Through working with you 'holistically' we take a whole-person approach to health and wellness; because we are much more than just what we eat. It's also about what's eating us! How we feel about ourselves, our relationship with food and others, how we move and use our body. All these can impact on our wellbeing in a healthy or unhealthy way.

The aim of the challenge is to get you back onto the path of wellness, to realign you at your 'core' the root of all health and wellness.

The challenge will be based on you adopting a plant-based diet for the 21-days, free of refined sugar, dairy, and other animal foods/products. Giving your body, mind and soul a chance to completely cleanse from accumulated toxins, resulting from your current eating habits and behaviours. Helping to 'restore your flow' and set up the right foundation for health to thrive!

Starting the Challenge

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This is a real-life challenge, designed to take place in your everyday life, whether you are at work, rest or play. The challenge is to put into action, the very steps that will help you succeed and 'restore your flow' no matter what situation you find yourself in! We structure the challenge in such a way that allows you to prepare yourself a head of your start date, to ensure you are set up for success. As your success is our success!

Choosing a start date all depends on your readiness to begin and what best suits your current situation. For example if you decide to start at the beginning of a month, a weekend would help to ease you into the challenge, and prepare you for the week/s ahead.

Committing to the 21-day 'Restore Your flow' Challenge

If you are ready to commit 21-days of your time and life to trying something new, then this challenge is for you! It requires you to make an investment of not just your money, but also of yourself; as you will need to be fully committed to the process.

We will guide and coach you through the challenge, we'll even be your cheerleading team, and a source of support when needed. If you are ready to take charge in 'restoring your flow' then we can't wait to meet you!

Fees for the 21-day 'restore your flow' challenge are currently at £160 (includes a 20% off promotional offer), however they will not remain at this price for long! So even, if you are not yet ready to start you can buy now at this price and start later.

(Please do not forget to read our terms and conditions before investing in one of our programs).