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28-Day Reset


28-day reset

Looking to take charge of your health but don't know where to start?

Welcome to the '28-Day Reset'!

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This 28-Day Reset is all about giving yourself the time to release, restore and renew your body back to basics. By removing many of the obstructions within our daily habits which can lead to disturbances within the body (low energy, digestive disorders, irregular monthly cycles etc.).

The focus of this reset is to educate, support and empower you towards becoming that healthier version of yourself! So that you become the 'CEO' of your own health and wellness. Educating and encouraging you to take charge of the choices you make, so you begin to understand the impact of these choices on your overall health and wellbeing; from what you put at the end of your fork, to your relationship with food and self!

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How it Works.

We help you to transform your health from the core out. Through working with you 'holistically' we take a whole-person approach to health and wellness; because we are much more than just what we eat.

We work as your nutrition and health coach, helping you to make better nutritional choices, shop healthier and create daily habits that will help you to transform your life. Providing you with meal plan suggestions, recipes, and supplement recommendations. 

The 28-Day Reset includes a 7-day transitional period and a 21-day plant-based nutrition plan, designed to gently cleanse your system and support detoxification processes. Once you have completed the reset we will discuss ways in which you can maintain your newly 'reset' body.

The aim of the program is to get you back on Track so you can live healthy and well!

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This is a real-life program, designed to take place in your everyday life, whether you are at work, rest or play. This program will help you to put into action, the very steps that will help you succeed in every situation! As our focus is sustainable 'health and wellness' aimed at meeting you wherever you are on this journey.

Committing to the '28-Day Reset'

If you are ready to commit, It will require you to make an investment of not just your money, but also of yourself.

You will be supported every step of the way with regular exercises, tools and practices to encourage you to delve deeper into your relationship with yourself, food and your body. Health coaching sessions, where we support you to move through any blocks or areas you may be feeling stuck in, as well as celebrate your wins. As your are gently guided through the steps towards becoming that healthy and well version of you!

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The investment for the 28-Day Reset is £350, which includes a pre-program consultation, personalised transition and nutrition plans with recipes, supplement recommendations and additional health coaching sessions.

To find out more or to book onto the program, please contact us via the form opposite and we will get right back to you

(Please do not forget to read our terms and conditions before investing in one of our programs).