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At Core of Life, our focus is all things nutrition, health and wellness.

We shift through the latest evidence based research, to develop our plant-based recipes, and to design our plans and workshops, in order to support and empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Specialising in 'vegan and plant-based' nutrition, we teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle with plants at the foundation. Plant nutrition is bursting with immune boosting antioxidants, supply us with health promoting fats, protein and fibre, are great for our heart and cholesterol levels and help us to maintain a healthy gut (the foundation of health). As well as being suitable for all types of diets! 

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about Sharon

Sharon Gardner is a fully qualified Naturopathic Practitioner, with a BSc (hons) in Health Sciences. She also holds a CYQ Diploma in teaching Pilates, and specialises in creating vegan/plant-based recipes which she is absolutely passionate about.

Sharon understands that the best way to support her clients to live healthy and well lives is through education and empowerment. Helping them to understand the real power they have in their own hands.

Because of her own experiences with poor health, Sharon has made it her mission to help others transform their health and wellbeing, through making small changes to their diet and lifestyle. So that they can live to their full potential and be happy, healthy and well. 

(Find out more about her story here)

Youthfulness, not just for the young!