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Welcome to core of life - The plant-based company! - about page

At Core of Life, our focus is all things nutrition, health and wellbeing also known as the 3 Ps! Plants, Pilates and Peace.

In order to be really healthy and well, we need to become more intuitive. Intuitive living helps us to become more connected to self, tuning in to what we need to live well and to our full potential. However, with so much information out there it can become quite confusing as to what really works.

That’s why it is so important we get back to the very ‘core’ of what nourishes us so that we can live life the way we were created too! Once we consciously make decisions that are aligned with our very being, everything falls into place. As you become the expert of your own health and wellbeing, knowing what serves and nourishes you from what doesn’t.

Sustainable health and wellbeing is the way forward and the future, and Core of Life is excited to be one of the pioneers!

Ready for change? Feel free to contact us now to see how we can help.

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Sharon Gardner is a fully qualified Naturopathic Practitioner, with a BSc (hons) in Health Sciences. She also holds a CYQ Diploma in teaching Pilates, and specialises in creating vegan/plant-based recipes which she is absolutely passionate about.

Sharon understands that the best way to support her clients to live healthy and well lives is through education and empowerment. Helping them to understand the real power they have in their own hands.

Because of her own experiences with poor health, Sharon has made it her mission to help others transform their health and wellbeing, through making small changes to their diet and lifestyle. So that they can live to their full potential and be happy, healthy and well. 

Sharon is now a more conscious intuitive practitioner, helping her clients to align mind with body, so they can transform their health from the ‘core’ out. We are our best case studies and teachers, however without living consciously or tuning in to our very being, we miss many of the ways our body communicates with us through signs and symptoms. Which under the current health system, is usually treated with medication, and although this has its place it should not always be our first point of focus.

However, always seek the advice of a medical professional first before trying something new.

Wishing you a healthy and well journey, and please feel free to contact me.