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Turmeric Drink for a Healthy Gut

What do you know about turmeric! For starters it's a member of the ginger family and has been cultivated and harvested since 3000 B.C.E.

It's also a key component of both Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, used as an anti-inflammatory agent and in the treatment of numerous conditions including flatulence, menstrual problems, colic, toothache and bruises to name a few! - Turmeric Drink

Curcumin, is the yellow pigment that gives turmeric it's colour. This is the property that has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory activity in a variety of experimental models. So much so, that in many of these studies, curcumin's anti-inflammatory effects have been found to be comparable to those found in potent drugs such as hydro-cortisone and the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory ibuprofin!

In addition to having great anti-inflammatory actions, curcumin also exerts powerful antioxidant effects. Enable it to protect healthy cells form free radicals that can damage our DNA and lead to cancer. Particularly in the colon (large intestine), where cell turnover is quite rapid, approximately ever three days. Which can result in the formation of cancerous cells more quickly, resulting from mutations in the DNA.

Turmeric Drink

Recipe makes 1 serving | Takes 5 minutes to prepare

What You Need

250ml of  non-dairy milk (try this hemps seed one

3 fresh dates (soak in water to soften if dry)

1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 thumb size of freshly grated ginger

pinch of fresh ground black pepper

Blender – a high speed one would work better, however a normal domestic blender will also work, but will take a little longer

How To Do It

  1. Add all the ingredients into your blender (minus the essential oil if using), and combined well until the dates are no longer visable.
  2. Pour into a glass, or travel cup.