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Becoming Your Own Case Study! - Becoming Your Own Case Study

When I first starting on my journey of health, becoming my own case study was the last thing I expected to do.

All I wanted to do was be healthy. You see, I had lived with a number of symptoms for years, which I had thought were all part of transitioning from one age to another, that is until I was diagnosed with an allergy to the sun! Not what I had expected to hear of someone that looked like me.

Fast forward to today, and without a doubt I believe that we all have the ability to become our own case study. How, you ask? My answer would be to start 'tuning in' to your body. Our body is great at giving ample signs and symptoms when it's not happy. Things that are causing obstructions to it functioning in health. 

Let's take heart burn as an example. I used to suffer with this condition chronically, to the point that at times I couldn't even lie down as I would feel the acid sensation rising up my throat! I used to consume bottles of the pink stuff to try to cure this problem to no avail. Do you know what worked for me? Understanding what caused the heart burn in the first place. Yes becoming my own case study. - An Apple A Day

My kryptonite in this case was to much wheat based products, which at the time I used to live on. Once I understood this I was able to monitor how much wheat I consumed. Now, I rarely get heart burn and on the very rare occasions that I do, what works for me is not a bottle of the pink stuff but the humble apple! A apple a day kept the doctors away. A fact I would have never have discovered if I had continued on my old path.

You see becoming your own case study allows you to start putting into practice, the things that work for you as an individual.

As no two people are the same so therefore what works for one may not work for another. Just because the apple works for me doesn't mean it will necessary work for you. However, until you become your own case study how are you going to know what works and what doesn't.

A pill for every ill is no longer the norm! You have to take the time to understand your body, the way it communicates with you and what it needs you to do to support it in its efforts to continuously function in health.

Wishing you happiness, health and wellness.

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