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I love teaching Pilates! Because for me it’s more than just a form of exercise, it’s a tool I use to help my clients understand the importance of their physical body.

As a naturopath, one of our main aims is education. As knowledge is power, and to empower an individual to take action when it comes to helping them take charge of their own health, is what I live to do!

Whilst studying to become a naturopath I was taught:

Structure = Function!

Because when you change the structure you also change the function. This is true for both external structures like posture, as well as internal structures (those we can't see, however often give us problems such as the gut).

Good posture helps to ensure our skeleton is properly aligned and healthy. Whereas poor posture can lead to physical changes within the structure and therefore function.

How often do you associate a headache with poor posture? Or lower back pain with the way you stand? Not often right! However, when you have a better understanding of how the body is structured, everyday common issues can be reduced and even eliminated.

What about the role of our core muscles. When we have weak core muscles, we can experience anything from poor digestion, stress incontinence to a prolapsed womb! Hence the importance of regularly strengthening those core muscles, which is what Pilate's teaches you to do.

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For many Pilates is just another form of exercise you take part in once or twice a week to keep you fit and healthy. However as a naturopath, Pilates empowers me to teach my clients how they can take better care of their body's from the inside, out! As been able to recognise when something is not right due to a structural change, empowers individuals to take action and efforts to put it right.

There are so many benefits to be had when we understand how to support our physical health. As it’s more than just how active and fit we are. Or how many times a week we exercise or go to the gym. Or even how much we weigh! It's about been able to move freely in our own body and remain youthful and agile at any age! You only have the one body so take good care of it!

Here’s wishing you happiness, health and wellness.

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