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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of health care firmly based on the foundation of the ‘vis medicatrix naturae’ the healing power of nature.

Naturopaths recognise that the body is both self-healing and self-regulating. How do we know this? Well we witness nature’s healing power daily. When we cut ourselves, more often than not (depending on how deep the cut is) it will heal itself. Conversely, when we sleep, there are still a lot of processes happening whilst we slumber, so our body is still functioning with no input from us! This ‘vital force’ that flows within us, is our ‘life force’, which is directly linked to our vitality.

When we are at our healthiest, our life force is able to flow unobstructed within our body and we feel energised, full of life and vitality. However, when our vitality is low, and we lack energy, this could be a sign that there are obstructions within our body blocking that vital force from flowing, freely!

The ‘great law of life’ states, “Every living cell in an organised body is endowed with an instinct of self preservation which is sustained by an inherent force named THE VITAL FORCE OF LIFE. - Henry Lindlar

The general flow of life’s energies is in the direction of positive health. The body is continuously striving to function in health. However, it will function even within dysfunction!

Note that the arrows flow continuously between all three areas, and not just in one direction!

This diagram of the model of health known as the ‘Triad of Health’, represents the delicate balance between  the three areas of our health.

The arrows in the model represent the flow of energy between the different areas, showing that we are a interconnected, integrated whole person. Note that the arrows flow continuously between all three areas, and not just in one direction!

We need to be aware that imbalances in any one area will invariably impact the individual as a whole! Our aim is to ensure that this flow of energy, our vital force is able to flow freely between all these areas.

Hence, why we need to pay attention to what we feed our bodies (nutrition), how we use our body (physical health) and how we take care of ourselves (emotional wellness).

When we work towards cultivating health from the inside out, we improve our vital force and therefore the amount of energy we have to function healthy and well, daily.

Our body (for most part) is one of the few things we have control over! That’s why the choices we are important. We have the ability to support our health or promote dis – ease.

The choice is yours……

Wishing you happiness, health and wellness.


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