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Sharon's Story: REclaiming my health!

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Have you ever felt like you were drowning under the weight of all your problems? Did you ever feel sick and tired of being sick and tired? Fed-up of feeling like crap on daily basis, but didn't know why? This was me by the time I hit my early thirties! 

I developed hay-fever at the end of my twenties, although I didn't have an allergy to pollen!

My health began taking a turn for the worse at the end of my twenties. In addition to the hay-fever symptoms, by my early thirties the list included bloating, heartburn, abdominal discomfort and IBS type symptoms. Heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycles, irritability, severe cramps, food cravings and paralysing lowering back pain! Sound familiar? For anyone with fibroids you may recognise this picture!

Then there was the migraines, chronic fatigue, excess weight around my middle, and waking up in the morning feeling un-refreshed after a good nights sleep! However, as I was told on many occasions by medical professionals these were ‘normal’ symptoms for a women approaching her mid-thirties, as it was all part of getting older!

I didn't drink alcohol, smoke or indulge in any illegal substances.

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I never did any of these things however, I still suffered with many of the same ailments as my peers who did! According to the text books I was meant to be healthy. The only possible cause for my condition had to be related to my age! 

Thats what I thought up until my next diagnosis. Following a re-occurring skin rash, which appeared over several summers, I was referred to a skin specialist. After many visits and tests, I was given the following diagnosis. You are 'allergic to the sun'! I was stunned to say the least!


Was malnourishment at the root of my 'health' problems!

I never considered that I was malnourished, due to the excess weight I carried around my middle. However, as I began researching nutrition was one of the areas that seemed to come up the most.

It would seem that I had not been eating enough nutrient rich foods, to properly nourish me. To add to all this was the stress of trying to be all things to all people. Everyday life stresses, I discovered had a way of consuming all your essential nutrients, in particular the very ones needed for the body to function healthily!

Eating with Purpose!

The food I choice to eat now, for most part has a purpose, to nourish me and supply my body with the raw materials needed for health. That's one of the reasons I love creating nourishing meals, to support me both physically and mentally. 

Food clearly has a purpose to serve, however food should also be enjoyed, in addition to providing us with the necessary components for health. So I always try to find was to create healthy treats to throw into the mix. As life is to be enjoyed, and lived to the fullest.

Once upon a time I was feeling old before my Time!

Now, in my late forties, I feel so much more youthful, energetic and alive then ever before! That's why I have made it my mission to help others transform their lives, into ones they desire. Ready to get started? Contact us to find out more.

Youthfulness, not just for the young!