Core of Life

Taking Control of Your Health



Taking Control of 'your' health!

If you are here reading this congratulations. You've made the first step towards transforming your health! It truly is in your hands, however it takes commitment, motivation and a plan! That's where 'Core of Life' comes in, helping to design a personalised plan that meets your individual needs.

We start with an initial consultation, where you have the opportunity to share your story, giving valuable insight into your current health situation, and possible causes. Once all the information has been gathered and assessed, we decide on the best plan of action going forward.

This may be the 21 day cleanse, or the 28 restore, depending on what we feel is best suited to your current situation. Our gut is the foundation of our health, so it makes sense to support it in anyway we can. In a lot of cases setting the foundation for health is all the support you may need to get you back on track. In other cases, additional support may be needed, once the cleanse or restore phase is completed. Whatever your level of need, we're here to support you! 

How it Works.

Once you are ready to get started, we will book your personalised 'initial' hour-long consultation (£95), which will enable us to gather all the necessary information to begin formulating a plan.

Personalised plans start from £250 depending on the level of support needed going forward. Follow up sessions (outside of the plans) start from £65, and can be booked as one off maintenance sessions, to further support you following a plan.

Fees are payable in advance once you book your consultation. If you want to know more, or are ready to start transforming your health, please feel free to contact us. (Please do not forget to read our terms and conditions before investing in a consultation, plan or workshop).