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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


  1. Every effort is made to ensure that prices for consultations, plans, workshops and events advertised on the Company’s site are accurate. If an application to take part has been accepted and an error is found the Company will inform you as soon as possible and offer you the option of reconfirming your application for the Event at the correct price or cancelling your application for that Event otherwise.
  2. Payment for any Event may be made by transfer from your Bank Account, or payment via the event booking system. Payment shall be made in GB Pounds sterling. Confirmation for a consultation, plan, workshops or event will not take place until full payment has been received and cleared.
  3. Should you wish to cancel your participation in an Event after placing a booking you must notify the Company in writing by email or post at the address or e-mail address shown on the Site. Only if the class or event is fully subscribed and another member applies to participate in this class and takes the cancelling member’s place shall the Company refund the price paid by the cancelling member but not otherwise.


If the Client cancels 7 days or less before an event is due to take place, or does not attend the event, the fee paid is forfeited.

If the Client cancels more than 7 days before an event is due to take place, the fee will be transferred or refunded by the Company less an administration fee of £10.


In the unlikely event the Company postpones an event due to a lack of sufficient numbers, or unavailability of a venue or expert, the Company will either offer an alternative date or full refund. The Company has the right to cancel events up to 4 days before the event takes place.


At all times you shall conduct yourself in your relations with the practitioner, other guests, and Third Parties with respect and in a responsible and careful manner. Guests failing to behave correctly may be prevented from continuing with a consultation or event, and be asked to leave. Third Parties or other event organisers can refuse admission if in their opinion you may be a risk to others or yourself or you are affecting the enjoyment of others or the running of the event whether through drink, drugs or otherwise.


CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT: Cancellation of the engagement by the client for any reason shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation of the engagement by the client WITHIN 15 DAYS of the date of engagement shall also require payment of the balance of the event unless the client rebooks the same event for an open date within 30 days of the cancelled date. A client cancelling their engagement by telephone must also verify that cancellation in writing (via dated mail or e-mail).

CANCELLATION BY THE COMPANY: If, due to death, sudden incapacitating illness, accident or other unforeseeable circumstances and/or acts of God, the Company is unable to supply services as contracted, every effort will be made by the Company (if so notified and if time & circumstances permit) to provide a substitute service by an alternative company (subject to approval by the client), at the same fee & terms. If no acceptable substitute company can be found, the Company agrees to refund the deposit and any and all payments made by the client. Upon such refund, this contract shall become null & void, and the client shall have no further legal recourse against the Company.


  1. The client must Maintain the food and any serving items in the same condition, appearance and state of repair as they are on receipt of said goods, in default of doing so, hereby agree to pay the Company on demand the cost of putting the same in such condition appearance and state of repair howsoever any damage may be caused.
  2. The Client is responsible for any loss or damage to the goods from time of delivery until they are collected by the Company’s employees. The client is responsible for returning all crockery and cutlery to Company within 24 hours of the event finishing.
  3. Deliveries left at premises unattended are left at the Client’s risk.
  4. In the event of loss of the goods or any item:-The Client:- Pays the owner the cost of replacements stipulated in the main hire agreement. Is responsible for checking goods on delivery and must notify the Company of any shortfalls or damages immediately.
  5. Shortages and breakages will be charged for including any packing boxes. Payment is to be paid before delivery except when account facilities have been granted by prior arrangement.
  6. The client undertakes not to interfere with or allow any other person to interfere with the food without the express permission of the owner and shall indemnify the owner against any claims, loss or damage suffered by any party (including any third party) as a result or in consequence of any interfere.

A refundable deposit against losses and breakages will be added to the invoice. We reserve the right to substitute articles of a similar or superior quality.

We reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding accounts at the rate of 5% interest per month. Serving items at all times remain the property of the company.