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NAHA Conversations

  • Pure Nest Cafe 176-178 Fortis Green Road London, England, N10 3DU United Kingdom (map)
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NAHA (natural active healthy awake) Conversations are going live! With our first ‘wholistic’ wellbeing gathering, bringing together leading wellness experts to share inspirational stories and tips on how to nurture your mind-body-soul-spirit.

Expect to leave this gathering energised and empowered and inspired to put all you have learnt into action, towards living that ‘NAHA’ life! This event is all about personal growth, with music, laughter and conversations. Where you will have the opportunity to learn as well as mix, mingle, network and connect with other likeminded souls.

The event will be lead by Sharon Gardner and Jahdusha V. Shines along with a few other speakers, to ensure you get the most out of our time together and  have a great time…..

A light meal and non-alcoholic refreshments will be included in the ticket price. There will also be a few selected items on sale during the event.

Sharon Gardner - Founder of Core of Life UK, Naturopath, Plant-based Nutritionist, Pilates Instructor (Body Alignment), Health and Wellness Coach, and the 28-day Reset. Sharon will be speaking on sustainable health and wellness, and why we should be looking at ways to promote long-term health for longevity, rather than opting for quick fixes. She will be drawing from her own experiences as well as those of her many clients, to share the importance of a ‘wholistic’ and personalised approach to promoting overall health and wellness

Jahdusha V. Shines - Co-founder of The Natural Hair Weekly, Naha. and founder of EQ2100 (M.B.S.S.)  She will speak on her findings, experience and importance of Brain Balancing (stimulating neuronal development in the brain, bringing the left and right hemispheres into alignment).  What causes atrophy to the brain?  And what are the different ways you can stimulate neuronal development, as well as, its profound benefits.  She will also discuss the benefits of the Naha 28 day wellness reset and the importance of addressing one's whole being (Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit).

Sophia J Peterson - Naturopath, Allergen Specialist, Owner of Pure Nest Cafe - who also has knowledge and experience with Tissue Salts, Massage, and Brain Balancing. She will be drawing from her own unique experience as well as what she has found to work for the many clients she serves from the café on a regular basis.

Imaani Shinez - specialises in aura redings. She will be available to provide auric readings on the day. She is able to scan the entire body and alert you to any indications  that may require further investigation and/or confirmation, or simply how your vibrating in that 'now'.  She also provides an overview of what the different aura colours may indicate.

Ehwunah Carayol - Natural Weight Management, PH Balancing and Healing.  She will be providing mini- Bio scan taster sessions and speak about her services, how to access them and the profound benefits and various testimonies of results.

Benefits of PH Balancing are:

Less pain from inflammation

Easier weight loss

Better digestion and less bloating

Increased mental clarity

More vibrant energy

Better sleep