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Fit-Food-Funk - Summer Event

Fit-Food-Funk 'summer edition' will be hosted in Banstead, just outside of Croydon with access to lots of green open space! Our events combine healthy movement and nourishing foods, all within a feel-good environment, with a little music and lots of fun, connecting like-minded individuals of all ages in a safe space to support each other to be healthy and well.

This event includes:

  • Fit - you take part in a 45 minute healthy movement session, designed to educate and encourage you to use and move your body well, so you can perform everyday activities safely, reduce illness and support your overall health.
  • Food - you will indulge on a nourishing brunch where 'plants' take centre stage, designed to feed you from the core out, as well as help you understand the role that food has to play in our health and wellbeing. 
  • Funk -  is where all the elements come together to create that feel-good environment, through interactions that will support your mental, emotional and social health. As we come together over food, a little funk, lots of fun and healthy conversations, the very components needed to help us thrive and remain healthy and well.

Being fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore! Our events are designed to offer you something a little different, putting the fun back into caring for your health and wellbeing, so that you can live that healthy lifestyle daily!

Your investment is only £25 (plus booking fee), spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

This event will be hosted in Banstead (a few miles outside of Croydon) with access to lots of green open spaces. Details of the exact location will be released to you once your space has been confirmed nearer to the date.

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