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Planting the Seeds to Thrive

Are you in need of revitalising and re-energising? Are you 'stuck' mental and emotionally? Are you ready to grow and achieve your full potential? Then we welcome you to this half-day 'urban' retreat, where we 'plant the seeds that will help you thrive' and grow!

This day is all about nurturing, transforming and healing those areas of your life, that are preventing you from thriving. 

  • We ease into the morning with a mindfulness session led by 'brain balancing' specialist Jahdusha to help you 'tune-in' and refocus

  • We follow up with a nourishing 'plant-based' brunch from the Core of Life kitchen who specialise in nutritious plant-based foods, to nourish you from the inside out

  • We refocus on those things that serve us as we learn to 'let go' of everything else that prevents us from thriving

    You will leave feeling revitalised and re-energised from the inside out, and ready to thrive in whatever situation life has in store for you!

Tickets for this event are at an introductory limited offer of £15, so we urge you to book your ticket now and secure your place.

We are looking forward to meeting, sharing and planting the seeds to help you thrive! 

Until then stay happy, healthy and well......

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